Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jazzy's Weekend Report - TOO HOT!!

Jazzy's Weekend Report - TOO HOT!!

Hello everyone! Jazzy reporting in, here. A very tired hot Jazz. Mom said that, according to the car when we got home, it was 113.It was 111 when we got into the car, after competing this morning.

Charlie got 1 first place finish in his class, and woulda gotten 2 except that I barked at him just as he was entering the weave poles (he turned and looked and messed up on the weaves). Oops. I guess I shouldn't a done that.

On my first run, I was going towards the correct jump, when mom opened her big mouth and said something to me. I figured mom wanted me to do something other than what I was doing, and so I turned and ran towards another jump. Mom called me back, over the jump I had been headed towards, then sent me back over the same jump. Stupid handler. Hit handler in head. Otherwise it was a perfect run. Even with the bobble, I was 11 seconds under SCT, so mom was pleased with ME, even if she wasn't pleased with her own performance.

My handler didn't totally screw up my second run, and I q'd with another 10 MACH points added to my total, but there were a couple of not pretty turns. :-) It was another 5th place finish; I really need to send her to a class so that she learns how to handle me better. I'm only a few seconds out of first place, so it really could make a big difference. I really try to pay attention to her, but sometimes it is IMPOSSIBLE to figure her out!

Anyway we get to hang out with Zippy tomorrow instead of going out into that heat again (someone puppy sat today, cause she's too little to come to the shows yet). Zippy said it was fine that we went, but that she really thought that she shoulda been able to come too. We told her that she was better off staying in the air conditioning, and that there will be lots of other shows. Sides, she hasn't learned how to do any of the obstacles yet!

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

Love, Jazz

Friday, June 20, 2008

Introducing Zippy

Zippy plays with Jazz. Charlie looks on suspiciously.