Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interesting Memorial Day Weekend

Hi everyone!

So I had an interesting weekend. Mom and I drove our RV to Pomona on Thursday. I had Mom all to myself, but I missed Charlie and Zippy.

I got to do agility for four days in a row! We hardly ever get to do that. I am looking for a better handler, however, cause mom screwed up some of my runs. She liked the fact that I was running really fast tho! She said that someone must have told me that it was a race, cause I was running faster than ever! In fact I ran so fast I missed some of my contacts, which mom said was NOT a good thing. But she gave me lots of cookies and told me I was a good girl.

On Friday after my runs, Mom left me in my crate, and disappeared. She came back a couple of hours later, and she had Zippy with her!!!! YAY! And Zippy had ribbons with her. Mom said that Zippy went winners bitch and best of winners. Not sure what that means, but Mom and Zippy were happy. Zippy said that she got to trot around the ring and make nice to the judge, and that the judge liked her. But it was really good seeing her, and Zippy and I got to run around and play.

On Saturday, Zippy said that the judge thought another dog was prettier. Not sure how that could be cause Zippy is just about the prettiest dog I know, except for myself, of course.

But on both Sunday and Monday Zippy brought back MORE ribbons! I guess she went winners bitch and best of winners again on both days. Mom said that there weren't any majors, whatever that means, but that points are points. So out of Zippy's last 5 shows, she has gone winners bitch and best of winners in 4 of them.

Best of all, we got to go home. Charlie was waiting for us, so we all got to run and play.

Love, Jazzy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poodle Obedience Trial - May 9

Um, I WAS sitting! Really, I was! But then the dog next to me got up and moved, so it was facing me, and then the dog next to that one got up, so I figured it was fine for me to go down. At least I didn't MOVE like they did! But the judge was angry and excused all three of us from the ring for the downs, even though I hadn't moved from my place. Mom wasn't particularly pleased with either me or the judge.

But then Zippy got to do prenovice. She is just starting to train, and is doing conformation, so she sometimes gets confused about when she needs to sit, but she still got a 184, and first place! So mom was happy again.

Then Zippy and me got to do brace. Mom said that we were the comic relief for the day, but I tried hard to do everything right until about the middle of the heel free, when zippy decided she needed to visit the judge, so we trotted around, not exactly next to mom, but having a good time. Mom was surprised that we actually got a 168, considering that our heeling left something to be desired. We were the only brace (people keep telling mom that next year they are going to enter brace as well; we will see) so we got first place with that as well.

So in the afternoon we had rally. Charlie and I were the only 2 Excellent B dogs, so they had two volunteer dogs as well, so that Charlie and I didn't have to honor each other. I normally do the backup 3 steps pretty good, but I just couldn't get it together, so we got 10 points off on that; our final score was 189, so that was actually pretty good. Charlie was sorta a goofball, but he got a qualifying score and a new toy, but he decided he didn't want to do Advanced B (he was tired and hot and cranky), so it didn't count (we both already have our Excellent titles). By that time I was REALLY tired, so when I went in the ring for the FOURTH time for Advanced B, I anticipated the finish TWICE, once too soon, and once when it was a swing finish rather than a get around, so we had to redo both of those exercises for 6 points off. Sigh. So I only got a third place rather than what could have been a first. Mom said it didn't matter; the only thing that was important was that we got those green ribbons for my 6th RAE leg.

So today we are sleeping mostly.

Love, Jazz