Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend in Del Mar

Zippy got to do conformation; Jazzy got to do jility, and Charlie got to be a couch potato in his new motor home.

On Saturday, I thought Zippy certainly should win; she looked great, she moved well, she wasn't jumping all over like the other puppies in her class -- but she only got 3rd place; didn't even win her class! So on to Sunday. Another chance for points. Zippy was gorgeous, the judge liked her, she moved beautifully, and then she managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory! lol. SHE WOULD NOT LET HER HANDLER PLACE HER FRONT FEET, and insisted on having one of them slightly turned out! Unfortunately, that particular judge wants to see correct fronts, and that probably did it. I watched her being an absolute brat. In spite of being drop dead gorgeous, and moving absolutely beautifully, because she was such a brat, she lost her class again. And the bitch that won the class took the 5 point major. Sigh.

So we have two weeks to get her to learn that when someone places her feet (especially the front feet) someplace, THAT'S WHERE THEY STAY! I figure a little bit of clicker training and she will remember what she needs to do.

Interestingly enough, everyone who sees her says how gorgeous she is (her handler was telling me that everyone was coming up to her and telling her that, as she walked around, and I know that they do with me too. And she is personality plus -- wants to say hi to everyone, jumps up about 3 feet in the air just for fun, and thinks that life is wonderful. I really don't think there will be any problem with her finishing; she just needs to settle down a bit. In fact, I was thinking that, as cute as she is in her puppy trim, I think she will really put the others to shame when she is cut in pattern. She is so nicely muscled with no extra flab, and it will be obvious once her butt and legs are shaved. There is a lot one can disguise with hair. :-)

BTW, we had to take a tram over from agility to conformation. The first ride over, Zippy was in my lap, not being too sure of herself. When we rode back, she hesitated to get on, then she said, I'm a big girl, mom, I don't need to sit in your lap. and she laid down at my feet. The second day, both over and back she did not hesitate to get on and off, and just laid down at my feet. What a brave little girl!

As to agility, Jazzy was absolutely gorgeous in all her runs. Unfortunately only one was a Q. In her first run on Saturday, she did exactly what I asked her to do; too bad it wasn't what she was supposed to do. lol. Yesterday she had two runs that were perfect except she missed the weave pole entries. Thought we had those under control, but I guess we need to work on them some more. They were not easy courses, we haven't done much practicing cause of all the rain, and so I was pleased at how well she did. One more leg and she will have her MXJ, finally.

Lisa on behalf of Charlie (couch potato), Jazz & Zippy

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I wasn't able to do jility this weekend, cause of the rain (they closed the park!). Can you imagine? So I stayed home and guarded the place. Good thing, too, cause there was an invader!