Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FINALLY back to doing agility!

Hi Guys!

So I haven't written in forever! This is partly because the focus recently has not been on ME, but on my little sister. Well, so what if she is now a champion? I STILL have WAAAAY more titles than she does! And I can still beat her up!

Actually having her done with a championship is fun, cause now she has short hair, and I can beat her up without mom always yelling at me to stop chewing on her hair! It is really fun when me and Charlie both gang up on her -- and she can't complain cause she normally starts it.

So anyway, on Saturday we got to go to a CPE trial. Mom entered me in Veterans, cause I'm almost 8, so I only had to jump 16". Piece of cake! I qualified in all 4 runs, with one 1st place finish, and 2 2nd place finishes. Zippy also got to run 3 times (in the games). She said that when she got out there the first time, it was SOOO EXCITING with all the people and the dogs, and she wanted to run so much, that as soon as mom took the leash off, she was ZOOMING ZIPPY! Good news is that she didn't go out of the ring (which was just ribbon around the stakes), and once her brain started to click into gear, she made the first run into a tunnelers run -- tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, jump, tunnel tunnel tunnel jump table. Mom said that she finally started to pay attention to her about the time the buzzer went off. Second run, Zippy did much better paying attention to mom (but they wouldn't have qualified anyway cause there were weaves, and Zippy is still working on those, so Mom just ran by them), and by the 3rd run, she almost qualified (ran out of time - buzzer went off as she was going over the dog walk). Everyone enjoyed watching her, cause she was having soooo much fun! And mom was happy cause Zippy didn't run away, and paid attention once her brain kicked in.

Yesterday, we did agility, rally and bedience. Well, I did agility - Zippy only did rally and bedience. I had gotten so used to jumping those 16" jumps that I knocked some bars in 24" JWW. I normally don't knock bars like that, but Mom shoulda let me jump some 24" jumps to warm up, so I knew what I was doing. Then I went and qualified in rally advanced. After that we went back over and did the Standard run and I qualified with a 4th place finish (there were about 12 24" dogs that qualified, so mom was pleased). Came back and did rally excellent, to finish my RAE title. Then Zippy got to do bedience -- she qualified in novice, even though she forgot how to sit! She said that she is so confused. She has been told over and over during the past year that she is not supposed to sit when she goes into the ring; now, she is getting points off for not sitting! I told her not to worry - all she needs is that green ribbon. Then Zippy did rally novice and Q'd there as well, so now she has one leg towards her CD and one towards her RN. By that time I was done. I was SOOOO done -- but mom said it was time to do open obedience. WHAT? No - I am done! By the time I did the retrieve on the flat I was so disgusted that I brought the dumbbell back to mom and spit it out at her, and then I said I was done jumping. Mom had me excused from the sits and downs. Well then a bit later, Zippy and I got to do brace. That was sorta fun -- much more fun than doing bedience by myself. We got first place, but mom said that was mostly cause we were the only ones competing! :-) The judge was pleased by our recall, which was almost perfect. Our total score was 175 or 176 - don't remember exactly, so it wasn't too bad. We get to do it next week too, so we should be even better by then.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!