Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry I've been on strike

So in case no one noticed, I haven't posted recently. I've been bummed cause Zippy has been able to agility, but I HAVE NOT! And there is NOTHING as much fun as doing jility!!!! Mom keeps saying that she doesn't want me to injure myself again. Well but can't she see I'm all better?

Well anyway, on Saturday, we went to a CPE trial AND I GOT TO RUN! TWICE!!!! Woo Hoo! Okay, so I was running 12" as a specialist, but it was SO AWESOME! I wished that Mom had entered me in ALL the runs, and not just two! But two was way better than NONE! So I was in level 4 specialist, and I Q'd with 1st place finishes in both runs. I was stoked!

Charlie got to run too -- but only once. Charlie is 10 and has not run since he was 7, but he also ran as a level 4 specialist, but cause he's bigger than me he had to jump 16". He said it was really really fun! Mom said he is just the best, and he powered out as soon as she told him okay.

Zippy - well she was sorta out of control on Saturday, but managed to eke out Q's in 4 of the 5 runs. She just was not listening to mom on the 5th one, and took off running before she was told to, so she wasted lots of time.

Okay well Sunday wasn't as much fun, but at least we didn't sit around all day waiting while Zippy played. It started out poorly for Zippy - mom tied her leash to the chair while she walked the rally course. Something happened - don't know if the wind tipped the chair or what, but all of a sudden poor Zippy was being chased aross the park by an evil chair!!!!! OMG was she scared!!!! She didn't stop until the chair got caught on a car, and mom was able to catch up to her. Mom put her in the RV with us and went back to walk the course. The rally class was really small, and Zippy still couldn't concentrate when it was her turn -- she kept looking around to see if she was going to be attacked again, so she didn't qualify. After that tho, Mom brought me out. Zippy was SOOOO glad to see me. That made me feel good, cause Zippy knew that I would take care of her. So I stood there with another poodle friend of mine, Candy, when Zippy went into the novice obedience ring. Zippy was still sorta nervous and didn't do as well as she normally would, but she ended up qualifying to finish her CD! Yay Zippy! And she got the trophy for high nonsporting dog!

Well then it was my turn to go into the open obedience ring. Mom didn't have time to properly warm me up, but took me in anyway. I tried to tell her that I really would have preferred to be doing agility, but she didn't listen very well. I did my drop on recall, but didn't pick up the dumbbells. Mom was surprised cause I normally do that, but you gotta give a girl a break - I mean you finally let me run agility, and then you take me to an obedience trial instead of a second day of agility?????

So then it was Zippy's turn to to agility. Mom wouldn't let me do it cause it was an AKC trial and she said I'm not in good enough shape yet to be jumping 20" (I normally jump 24"). Zippy had a GREAT open jumpers run -- but then was disqualified by the judge for being a rhinestone poodle (rhinestones on her collar). Mom had been told it was okay, but no more fancy collars in the ring for Zippy. Then Zippy did open standard. Mom didn't think she qualified, but decided to go back and look at the score, and Zippy got 1st place in open standard! So she got the one she probably shouldn't have, but didn't get the one she really earned!

Okay, well then Charlie got to veteran obedience. He didn't really want to do it, but he's a good guy, so he went with the program. But we made up for it when we got to go into the ring together for BRACE! Well agility is fun, but playing in the obedience ring with Charlie is almost as much fun! We had the judge laughing at us the whole time. In fact, after we did the recall in our (somewhat) rambunctious style, she was practically doubled over with laughter and almost couldn't get out the next command! She said we had made her day! :-) So I guess Sunday was okay, even without agility.

Anyway, hope everyone else had as good a time as we did!