Monday, November 29, 2010

I am SOOO Jealous!!!!

Okay, I admit it. I am jealous. I haven't been able to 'jility for MONTHS now -- and mom said that unless and until I stop limping after I've been working out, and until I can easily jump again, she won't enter me.

Well, this weekend, even though I can't compete, Zippy finally got to start doing 'jility. And Charlie and I sat around like bumps on a log. Well we did at least get to come along and hang out, but it was pretty cold and miserable, so I was not unhappy about getting back into the RV.

Anyway, this was Zippy's weekend, and for a beginner (her first AKC agility trial), she did okay. In jumpers on Saturday she took an extra jump, so was disqualified, but even with the extra jump, she was still the fastest 20" novice dog.

She and mom had a discussion about the need for her to get on the table in Standard; I think that they are going to be practicing that more.

But yesterday, Zippy was sailing. In jumpers, near the end of the course, mom said to turn right and Zippy got confused and turned left, which added 3 seconds or so to her time, so she was in second place by .13 of a second.

In standard, mom and Zippy discussed the table again, which added several seconds and earned Zippy a refusal, but in that course, even with the refusal, Zippy was the fastest of all dogs in novice, all jump heights! She was 5 seconds faster than the dog that won the 24" jump height, and more than 7 seconds faster than the dog that placed first in the 20" jump height.

So everyone was saying how awesome Zippy was. I had to make sure that she knew that she was still just the princess (me being the queen of course). And hopefully I will soon be able to run again as well!

All in all, not to bad a weekend.

Love, Jazzy

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jazzy & Zippy do 'bedience

Okay, today Mom entered Zippy and me in an obedience and rally trial. It wasn't too hot, which was a good thing. But it was a LOOOONNNNGGGG day and my paws are tired, so this will be short.

Zippy started out in Rally Advanced B. She didn't place, but she qualified, so that now she has her rally advanced title! She got a really cool medallion for finishing her title.

Then, shortly after that (which meant that she didn't really have any down time at all), she got to go into the ring for Novice Obedience B. She STILL thinks that she shouldn't sit in the ring. But Mom said that her heeling was REALLY GOOD except for that -- she did sort of space on the slow part, but the rest of the time, she stayed right with mom, which is a total improvement over her last trial. But then she blew her recall by not coming on the first command. It was really noisy, and I think she was just being a blond; even though she has black hair, she has the Paris Hilton part down pat.

Well then it was my turn. Sorta. The Open A class -- which had 16 dogs, took over 3 hours!!!!! So I warmed up, then sat around, then warmed up again, then sat around, and finally mom took me into the ring. The dog that was in the ring two dogs before me threw up in the ring in a couple of places. I think they missed a spot. Anyway I was checking it out and got distracted on the heeling. Then when mom tossed the dumbbell, it went into that same area. Well, I couldn't pick up a dumbbell that was sitting in a smelly spot! So anyway, I didn't come close to qualifying.

But the really fun part is that Mom entered me in the Wildcard Utility class. She lost a bunch of points when she made me redo stuff (I got both of my articles, but the first time I admit, I dropped it at Mom's feet instead of handing it to her, and she made me pick it up and give it to her -- and on the glove I didn't turn and sit the way she wanted, so she made me come back). But even with all of this, I CAME IN 4th!!!! I expected to be at the bottom of the class, since everyone else there has more experience than I do, BUT I WAS ACTUALLY IN THE RIBBONS!!!!! Mom was pleased, but she did agree that I would have done even better if I had had a decent handler who knew what she was doing. :-)

Okay, off to bed now. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jazzy is 8!!!!!

Just want everyone to know that I am EIGHT YEARS OLD today!!!! And so far the only one mom has played with is ZIPPY! Hummmppphhhh! I even had to help myself to the treats that mom left sitting on the fence, since she didn't offer me any! But Mom did say I had class tonight, so maybe she will have extra yummy treats for me then. Sigh...


Saturday, June 26, 2010

We DID IT!!!

Woo HOOOOO! I am now the DOG OF THE WEEK!!!! I would like to thank all my friends and fans and even those who might not be friends or fans, but who voted for me!!! See

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dog of the Week - Update

I am now in the lead for Dog of the Week! I didn't know I had so many friends! Thanks!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Staring at Strangers for their support.

Pretty funny stuff!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dog of the Week

I (Jazzy) am in the running for dog of the week. Mom picked an OLD photo of me that she really likes; I think it looks sorta dorky, but I guess that if it means I can win, it is okay. So, I guess I am asking you to vote for me.

If I win, Mom gets a book and we get $65 donated to our favorite dog charity. I figure that if Peabody can raise money for poodles by getting his hair cut, I can raise money by being an online celebrity. Anyway, if you want to vote, go to a dogs purpose.

And remember -- I'm a 5 star girl!!!!!


(Mom said you can vote every day, but that with all my friends and fans, it shouldn't take too long to pull to the front of the pack!)

Zippy now has her CGC

Zippy got her CGC yesterday. That stands for "Canine Good Citizen" and tests stuff like walking thru a crowd, responding to noises, doing a recall, and stuff like that. :-) Zippy said that the CGC crew were very complementary about her. The last exercise is one where the dog has to stay with someone else while the handler goes out of sight. When mom left her, she stood for a while (on a loose lead), then finally she sat, and then she laid down. When mom came back, they said, What a GOOD dog she is! So mom gave her extra cookies.

Anyway, we were at a
show n go, and Zippy also got to do jility, rally and bedience. The judge gave lots of extra halt commands when Zippy was doing novice bedience, cause mom asked him to (Zippy was convinced that she wasn't supposed to sit in the ring, cause of all the conformation stuff), and she did start to do automatic sits when she and mom stopped, so mom was pleased.

Well, FINALLY, I got my turn to do both open obedience and utility. First I did sits and downs. Mom was very happy that I stayed sitting for the full 3 minutes that she was out of sight. But then we waited and waited out in the sun until it was our turn to go into the open obedience ring. I admit, I was hot and tired and crabby by the time I got in the ring, so I didn't do a very good job. So mom put me back in the RV, gave me water and told me to rest and cool down, and took Zippy out to let her do some more agility.

Okay, so then she decided that it was about time I try doing utility. It was my first time actually doing an entire utility run thru, and mom made some mistakes. But I guess mom decided that I might actually get my CDX one of these days and figured we should start to work on the next level. There were LOTS of distractions, and I was till sort of hot, and I wasn't exactly sure about what I was doing. But I surprised mom by doing the scent articles beautifully (had a full set of articles out, and I found both the correct metal and the leather articles). I wasn't sure about getting the glove and the go out on the directed jumping seemed to be WAYYYY far out and there were all the other dogs and people around. But the jumping part itself was cool. Mom and I still need to work some on the signal exercises so that I understand the first time what she wants me to do, but she said that my moving stand was a thing of beauty. So we are making progress.

Charlie got to visit with the ring crews in between other stuff that we did.

All in all a pretty good day!

Love, Jazz

Monday, June 7, 2010

Zippy 1 Squirrel 0

After spending countless hours chasing squirrels, Zippy finally caught and killed one. Oh, I was Soooooo jealous! I told her she needed to give it to me, but she just brought it into the house still warm, and sat on the couch lording it over us. Mom couldn't figure out why I was barking at her.

Well then Mom called us to come to work, and Zippy proudly trotted by her. Mom's first thought was that she didn't recognize that toy! lol. Silly mom. When she looked at again, her response was, and I quote, "eeeeewwww!" We told mom she should have taken a photo, but did she listen to us? Nope -- all she could think of was getting that yucky thing out of Zippy's mouth and into the trash!

Zippy let mom take it -- I think she thought mom wanted to play too, and it wasn't mangled at all -- just very dead (still warm). But no -- mom just threw it in the trash! What a waste of a perfectly good squirrel!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FINALLY back to doing agility!

Hi Guys!

So I haven't written in forever! This is partly because the focus recently has not been on ME, but on my little sister. Well, so what if she is now a champion? I STILL have WAAAAY more titles than she does! And I can still beat her up!

Actually having her done with a championship is fun, cause now she has short hair, and I can beat her up without mom always yelling at me to stop chewing on her hair! It is really fun when me and Charlie both gang up on her -- and she can't complain cause she normally starts it.

So anyway, on Saturday we got to go to a CPE trial. Mom entered me in Veterans, cause I'm almost 8, so I only had to jump 16". Piece of cake! I qualified in all 4 runs, with one 1st place finish, and 2 2nd place finishes. Zippy also got to run 3 times (in the games). She said that when she got out there the first time, it was SOOO EXCITING with all the people and the dogs, and she wanted to run so much, that as soon as mom took the leash off, she was ZOOMING ZIPPY! Good news is that she didn't go out of the ring (which was just ribbon around the stakes), and once her brain started to click into gear, she made the first run into a tunnelers run -- tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, jump, tunnel tunnel tunnel jump table. Mom said that she finally started to pay attention to her about the time the buzzer went off. Second run, Zippy did much better paying attention to mom (but they wouldn't have qualified anyway cause there were weaves, and Zippy is still working on those, so Mom just ran by them), and by the 3rd run, she almost qualified (ran out of time - buzzer went off as she was going over the dog walk). Everyone enjoyed watching her, cause she was having soooo much fun! And mom was happy cause Zippy didn't run away, and paid attention once her brain kicked in.

Yesterday, we did agility, rally and bedience. Well, I did agility - Zippy only did rally and bedience. I had gotten so used to jumping those 16" jumps that I knocked some bars in 24" JWW. I normally don't knock bars like that, but Mom shoulda let me jump some 24" jumps to warm up, so I knew what I was doing. Then I went and qualified in rally advanced. After that we went back over and did the Standard run and I qualified with a 4th place finish (there were about 12 24" dogs that qualified, so mom was pleased). Came back and did rally excellent, to finish my RAE title. Then Zippy got to do bedience -- she qualified in novice, even though she forgot how to sit! She said that she is so confused. She has been told over and over during the past year that she is not supposed to sit when she goes into the ring; now, she is getting points off for not sitting! I told her not to worry - all she needs is that green ribbon. Then Zippy did rally novice and Q'd there as well, so now she has one leg towards her CD and one towards her RN. By that time I was done. I was SOOOO done -- but mom said it was time to do open obedience. WHAT? No - I am done! By the time I did the retrieve on the flat I was so disgusted that I brought the dumbbell back to mom and spit it out at her, and then I said I was done jumping. Mom had me excused from the sits and downs. Well then a bit later, Zippy and I got to do brace. That was sorta fun -- much more fun than doing bedience by myself. We got first place, but mom said that was mostly cause we were the only ones competing! :-) The judge was pleased by our recall, which was almost perfect. Our total score was 175 or 176 - don't remember exactly, so it wasn't too bad. We get to do it next week too, so we should be even better by then.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zippy is a Champion!

Zippy took both majors this weekend in Las Vegas to finish her championship!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

So now we can concentrate on performance!!!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Del Mar - rain rain and more rain

It REALLY rained in Del Mar. We were there in our motorhome, but mom decided because of the distance to the agility rings, not to do agility. Instead I did rally (got legs 8 and 9 towards my RAE) and obedience (we won't talk about obedience, except that mom said she will never show again to one of the judges). Zippy did conformation. Zippy was gorgeous, and was robbed. She shoulda won. Well, the bitch that won was also a pretty bitch, but not as pretty as Zippy!

Anyway, it rained and it rained and it rained. It was windy too. We were glad to be safe in our warm, cozy RV (mini mini mini GW), but a couple of times the wind and rain made so much noise that I had to bark at it to warn it away!

More Later


Friday, February 5, 2010

Zippy's Report

Zippy was in a car accident with Mom on Monday night when they were on their way to obedience class. The car is gone. Zippy said that she was sleeping in the back, when all of a sudden there was this big boom, and she was slammed into the front seat, and there was smoke all over, and she was really really scared. Mom got out, Zippy followed, and was so scared she pulled away from mom and out of her collar (on a busy street)! Mom yelled at her and she stopped, and Mom put the collar and leash back on her. Then they stood on the corner and waited. Pretty soon someone came by and Mom put Zippy in the back seat of that car next to another dog who was in its crate. Zippy was really scared then, cause Mom was still talking to people and she was alone in this strange car. Finally Mom got in the front seat, and Zippy jumped in her lap, where she rode, trembling and panting all the way home.

The next day mom and Belina (who works with us) put Zippy in Belina's car (Zippy tried to tell mom that she really really didn't want to get into a car again), and they went to the vets. She got on Mom's lap again, and stood there trembling and panting just like on the way home on Monday. There they offered Zippy really yummy chicken treats and Zippy wagged her tail at them to tell them she appreciated it, but she wouldn't eat them, cause she was just too nervous. The vet said that Zippy had a sore shoulder, but was pretty much okay otherwise. She got rescue remedy and some other stuff to take and has to go back to the vet next week.

Since then, Mom has kept going to different places and leaving us alone. She said she was going to the doctor, then she went to get a rental car, then she went to get the stuff out of the car that is gone, then she went to get xrays, then she went to the doctor again. We all want to go with her but she says not yet. When she came back today she said she had a sprained neck.

Anyway, mom said she doesn't have to go anywhere this weekend, so we can all stay home -- till Monday when she goes to the doctor again and Zippy goes to the vets ...

Hope everyone else is okay.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally some Ribbons!

Yesterday, I got 1st place in USDAA Starters Jumpers, and today I got 2nd place in Starters Jumpers for my starters jumpers title.

I got my second starters pairs leg today, also second place.

I would have had a lot more except for the fact that I suffer big time from IHS (inept handler syndrome). :-) Mom screwed up the rest of my runs. Good dog, shame about the handler! I am waaaaayyyy too good to be stuck in starters!!!!

Love Jazzy