Sunday, February 28, 2010

Del Mar - rain rain and more rain

It REALLY rained in Del Mar. We were there in our motorhome, but mom decided because of the distance to the agility rings, not to do agility. Instead I did rally (got legs 8 and 9 towards my RAE) and obedience (we won't talk about obedience, except that mom said she will never show again to one of the judges). Zippy did conformation. Zippy was gorgeous, and was robbed. She shoulda won. Well, the bitch that won was also a pretty bitch, but not as pretty as Zippy!

Anyway, it rained and it rained and it rained. It was windy too. We were glad to be safe in our warm, cozy RV (mini mini mini GW), but a couple of times the wind and rain made so much noise that I had to bark at it to warn it away!

More Later


Friday, February 5, 2010

Zippy's Report

Zippy was in a car accident with Mom on Monday night when they were on their way to obedience class. The car is gone. Zippy said that she was sleeping in the back, when all of a sudden there was this big boom, and she was slammed into the front seat, and there was smoke all over, and she was really really scared. Mom got out, Zippy followed, and was so scared she pulled away from mom and out of her collar (on a busy street)! Mom yelled at her and she stopped, and Mom put the collar and leash back on her. Then they stood on the corner and waited. Pretty soon someone came by and Mom put Zippy in the back seat of that car next to another dog who was in its crate. Zippy was really scared then, cause Mom was still talking to people and she was alone in this strange car. Finally Mom got in the front seat, and Zippy jumped in her lap, where she rode, trembling and panting all the way home.

The next day mom and Belina (who works with us) put Zippy in Belina's car (Zippy tried to tell mom that she really really didn't want to get into a car again), and they went to the vets. She got on Mom's lap again, and stood there trembling and panting just like on the way home on Monday. There they offered Zippy really yummy chicken treats and Zippy wagged her tail at them to tell them she appreciated it, but she wouldn't eat them, cause she was just too nervous. The vet said that Zippy had a sore shoulder, but was pretty much okay otherwise. She got rescue remedy and some other stuff to take and has to go back to the vet next week.

Since then, Mom has kept going to different places and leaving us alone. She said she was going to the doctor, then she went to get a rental car, then she went to get the stuff out of the car that is gone, then she went to get xrays, then she went to the doctor again. We all want to go with her but she says not yet. When she came back today she said she had a sprained neck.

Anyway, mom said she doesn't have to go anywhere this weekend, so we can all stay home -- till Monday when she goes to the doctor again and Zippy goes to the vets ...

Hope everyone else is okay.