Monday, June 20, 2011

So once again I have been relegated to being the cheering squad while Zippy runs. I am working on getting back into shape, but Mom says I cannot compete until I have worked my way back up to practice running whole courses at 20" (I can jump one or two 22" jumps for obedience, but have been running practice runs at 12". At least she is practicing with me again, so that's good.

Anyway, on Friday, Mom and Zippy did pretty good but didn't have clean runs. But on Saturday, Zippy finished BOTH her open JWW and her open standard titles, so she is now an EXCELLENT dog. She is pretty pleased with herself. Mom says that they now need to work on building up speed as well as consistency (including tighter turns).

Here is Zip's JWW run:

Yesterday we hung out at home while mom tried to catch up on her work, so no more legs. Hope everyone else had a good weekend!