Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Good Horrible Week

Hi guys! Well mom and me and Charlie definitely had the week from hell. We were playing outside (Charlie and Zippy and me) on Wednesday morning when Charlie started crying and crying. Mom thinks that one of us just body slammed him too hard; I think he just twisted wrong. Anyway, Mom took him to a vet and got him some rimadyl.

Well between Charlie and Zippy I wasn't getting enough attention, so I thought I would explore while mom was away picking up Zippy. mmmm ... what's this? mmmm ... chewed off childproof cover ... mmmm ...

well the next thing I know, Mom was back and we were on our way to the vets. Mom told the vet that I had eaten 13 of Charlie's rimadyl. Well how was I to know that it wasn't anything other than candy? They gave me some disgusting stuff and made me throw up, then they gave me charcoal and other stuff -- and Mom said goodbye to me, told me to be good, and said she would be back to pick me up in a couple of days. What's this? She's leaving me?????

So they kept stuffing charcoal and stuff into my mouth, and put me on an IV and put me in a big crate. It was not fun. It was noisy (there was a dog next to me that was either barking or slurping his water. Gross.), and I couldn't get comfortable.

It seemed like forever, and then Mom came! Yay Mom!!!! Let me kiss you! Let me jump in your lap! Take this conehead off of me so I can cuddle! Take me home! Well Mom took the conehead off, and after I gave her kisses and hugs, I ate some of the food that was sitting there, and they gave me some more, and I ate that and drank some water. Then I told Mom it was time for us to go. She took me outside and told me to go potty; I pooped for her, and then ....


She said that if the tests were good that she would be able to come back tomorrow and take me home.

That stupid dog! Wish he would stop barking. I can't sleep, I miss my mom. I miss Charlie. I even miss my bratty little sister Zippy. Sigh.

Another night; another day. At least I think it was another night and day; it's hard to tell when they leave the lights on all the time and there aren't any windows! Sigh.

What's this? They are taking out the IV and wrapping up my leg? Where are they taking me now????

MOM!!!!!! There you are!!!! TAKE ME HOME! I PROMISE TO BE GOOD! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! Okay, okay, I'll get out of your face so that you can drive. Just let's go!

Charlie!!!! I missed you sooooo much!!!!!! Where's Zippy? She's not here! Nope - she will be back in a couple of days; Mom said that she went with Auntie Char since I was in the hospital and couldn't go down to Costa Mesa where we were supposed to compete. Okay, so she'll be back.

Friday night. Tired. Sleep. mmm -- in my own bed next to Mom and Charlie. That is just the best!!!!

Wake up, still tired, groggy. Into RV; get to do jility and 'bedience. After jility, I'm beat; did heeling with 'bedience, but kinda messed up after that. Mom didn't make me do groups.

Go home, sleep rest of the day, eat, sleep all night. Mom gets up again early, back into RV, back to do more jility and 'bedience. Not so tired today; mom and me weren't in synch on our first run, but we had fun! So much fun to run with mom.

Then to the 'bedience rings. Wait around for other class to finish, then we go in. Do good heeling. Mom praises me. Drop on recall? No problem. The mom throws out a dumbbell -- I go out but not sure what to do. Mom calls me back, throws dumbbell over high; I jump over, check it out and try to tell Mom --

finally she says to the judge, "It's not her dumbbell!" Well, duh! Of course I couldn't pick up another dog's dumbbell! The steward had given the wrong dumbbell to mom and it took two throws before it dawned on mom that I wasn't just shining her on!
Okay, so then we get to do the retrieve on the flat again with MY dumbbell this time. No problem, I pick it up and bring it back to mom.

Then mom tells me to sit and stay -- and throws the dumbbell out of the ring. Judge goes and gets it, brings it back, gives it to mom and tells her that at least she is getting practice throwing the dumbbell. Well by that time I am totally confused about what is going on. Mom throws the dumbbell again, and it goes way off to the side. She says "get it" and I'm wondering if she's talking to me or to the judge, since the judge has been doing more fetching than I have. So mom says Jazzy get it. Okay so she's talking to me. I go directly to it, then realize that I shoulda gone over the jump so I bring it back over the jump. We do the broad jump, and mom tells me that I am a good girl.

I go lay down in the RV for another half and hour or so and then mom brings me back for sits and downs. Okay, I'm not blowing this one. Mom tells me to sit, I sit. I sat for the entire 3 minutes. One of the dogs stands up but no, I'm not going to stand up. Mom comes back and tells me I am such a good dog. Then the down. Before they are even out of the ring, two dogs get up, including one next to me. I stay down like a good girl. then another dog gets up and starts moving around the ring, and another one sits. Mom comes back and tells me that I was perfect, that I am such a good girl.

We go get mcdonalds hamburgers and go home.

Paws tired now. Sleep again.
Kisses and hugs