Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jazzy & Zippy do 'bedience

Okay, today Mom entered Zippy and me in an obedience and rally trial. It wasn't too hot, which was a good thing. But it was a LOOOONNNNGGGG day and my paws are tired, so this will be short.

Zippy started out in Rally Advanced B. She didn't place, but she qualified, so that now she has her rally advanced title! She got a really cool medallion for finishing her title.

Then, shortly after that (which meant that she didn't really have any down time at all), she got to go into the ring for Novice Obedience B. She STILL thinks that she shouldn't sit in the ring. But Mom said that her heeling was REALLY GOOD except for that -- she did sort of space on the slow part, but the rest of the time, she stayed right with mom, which is a total improvement over her last trial. But then she blew her recall by not coming on the first command. It was really noisy, and I think she was just being a blond; even though she has black hair, she has the Paris Hilton part down pat.

Well then it was my turn. Sorta. The Open A class -- which had 16 dogs, took over 3 hours!!!!! So I warmed up, then sat around, then warmed up again, then sat around, and finally mom took me into the ring. The dog that was in the ring two dogs before me threw up in the ring in a couple of places. I think they missed a spot. Anyway I was checking it out and got distracted on the heeling. Then when mom tossed the dumbbell, it went into that same area. Well, I couldn't pick up a dumbbell that was sitting in a smelly spot! So anyway, I didn't come close to qualifying.

But the really fun part is that Mom entered me in the Wildcard Utility class. She lost a bunch of points when she made me redo stuff (I got both of my articles, but the first time I admit, I dropped it at Mom's feet instead of handing it to her, and she made me pick it up and give it to her -- and on the glove I didn't turn and sit the way she wanted, so she made me come back). But even with all of this, I CAME IN 4th!!!! I expected to be at the bottom of the class, since everyone else there has more experience than I do, BUT I WAS ACTUALLY IN THE RIBBONS!!!!! Mom was pleased, but she did agree that I would have done even better if I had had a decent handler who knew what she was doing. :-)

Okay, off to bed now. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.