Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lure Coursing is FUN!

So two weekends ago we got to do jility, and afterwards (we waited and waited), Zippy and me got to do lure coursing! It was really really fun! I told mom that she needed to let me do it again. Here I am running after the lure:

This last Saturday I got to do jility -- we went to a CPE trial. I did five runs and ended up with five first place q's. It was pretty fun, and the courses were pretty easy. Long long long day, tho!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jazzy's Weekend Report - 3/14 & 15

Okay, I guess I have to admit that I miss the little twerp when she isn't with us.

On Thursday mom left really early in the morning - she said she had a meeting in Philadelphia and that we couldn't come. Then Friday Charlie and me got baths -- but then Zippy left to go play with her handler. Finally late Fri nite mom got home. Boy, by that time Charlie and me were REALLY glad to see her.

Saturday, still no Zippy. Mom loaded us in our RV and we drove and drove. We finally got to where we were going and set up the RV, and Charlie and I got to look around. Then Mom said she was going to watch Zippy and bring her back. YAY, finally she came, all smelling like hairspray, but it was really good to see her again.

Sunday we got up early, and I got to do rally. I finished my 5th RAE leg, with a 91 and a 95. Not the highest scores, but mom said that all we needed were those 2 green ribbons. Then she took Zippy out again. This is what Zippy looked like:

I guess she looks pretty, but I will be glad when she gets rid of the hair and we can wrestle without mom getting upset. Anyway, I guess Zippy was perfect -- she stood still when she was supposed to, she let her handler place her feet, she strutted nicely around the ring -- but the judges still didn't see that she was the best.

So then we packed everything up, but no Zippy! Zippy went with her handler to get a bath. When we got home we waited and waited till her handler called. Both Charlie and me were excited and couldn't wait to get her! So I guess she can stay.

Love, Jazz

Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Title!!!!

Hi folks! Jazzy reporting in. So mom finally has registered us for some agility trials! And the one this last weekend was especially fun, since my little sister didn't get to come along (she was at a conformation show). Anyway, it started out on Saturday with me getting my second MXF leg, with a 2nd place finish! And it ended on Sunday with me getting my 10th MXJ leg and a 3rd place finish, for my title! Woo Hoo! We won't talk about the other runs; I was seriously thinking I needed a new handler, but since she managed to pull it out at the end I may keep her for a bit longer.
Love, Jazz