Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Title!!!!

Hi folks! Jazzy reporting in. So mom finally has registered us for some agility trials! And the one this last weekend was especially fun, since my little sister didn't get to come along (she was at a conformation show). Anyway, it started out on Saturday with me getting my second MXF leg, with a 2nd place finish! And it ended on Sunday with me getting my 10th MXJ leg and a 3rd place finish, for my title! Woo Hoo! We won't talk about the other runs; I was seriously thinking I needed a new handler, but since she managed to pull it out at the end I may keep her for a bit longer.
Love, Jazz

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Kim said...

Congrats Jazzy!!!! I am glad that you are keeping your handler. I almost had to make that decision myself, but after some more work my handler is finally shaping up.