Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Good Horrible Week

Hi guys! Well mom and me and Charlie definitely had the week from hell. We were playing outside (Charlie and Zippy and me) on Wednesday morning when Charlie started crying and crying. Mom thinks that one of us just body slammed him too hard; I think he just twisted wrong. Anyway, Mom took him to a vet and got him some rimadyl.

Well between Charlie and Zippy I wasn't getting enough attention, so I thought I would explore while mom was away picking up Zippy. mmmm ... what's this? mmmm ... chewed off childproof cover ... mmmm ...

well the next thing I know, Mom was back and we were on our way to the vets. Mom told the vet that I had eaten 13 of Charlie's rimadyl. Well how was I to know that it wasn't anything other than candy? They gave me some disgusting stuff and made me throw up, then they gave me charcoal and other stuff -- and Mom said goodbye to me, told me to be good, and said she would be back to pick me up in a couple of days. What's this? She's leaving me?????

So they kept stuffing charcoal and stuff into my mouth, and put me on an IV and put me in a big crate. It was not fun. It was noisy (there was a dog next to me that was either barking or slurping his water. Gross.), and I couldn't get comfortable.

It seemed like forever, and then Mom came! Yay Mom!!!! Let me kiss you! Let me jump in your lap! Take this conehead off of me so I can cuddle! Take me home! Well Mom took the conehead off, and after I gave her kisses and hugs, I ate some of the food that was sitting there, and they gave me some more, and I ate that and drank some water. Then I told Mom it was time for us to go. She took me outside and told me to go potty; I pooped for her, and then ....


She said that if the tests were good that she would be able to come back tomorrow and take me home.

That stupid dog! Wish he would stop barking. I can't sleep, I miss my mom. I miss Charlie. I even miss my bratty little sister Zippy. Sigh.

Another night; another day. At least I think it was another night and day; it's hard to tell when they leave the lights on all the time and there aren't any windows! Sigh.

What's this? They are taking out the IV and wrapping up my leg? Where are they taking me now????

MOM!!!!!! There you are!!!! TAKE ME HOME! I PROMISE TO BE GOOD! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! Okay, okay, I'll get out of your face so that you can drive. Just let's go!

Charlie!!!! I missed you sooooo much!!!!!! Where's Zippy? She's not here! Nope - she will be back in a couple of days; Mom said that she went with Auntie Char since I was in the hospital and couldn't go down to Costa Mesa where we were supposed to compete. Okay, so she'll be back.

Friday night. Tired. Sleep. mmm -- in my own bed next to Mom and Charlie. That is just the best!!!!

Wake up, still tired, groggy. Into RV; get to do jility and 'bedience. After jility, I'm beat; did heeling with 'bedience, but kinda messed up after that. Mom didn't make me do groups.

Go home, sleep rest of the day, eat, sleep all night. Mom gets up again early, back into RV, back to do more jility and 'bedience. Not so tired today; mom and me weren't in synch on our first run, but we had fun! So much fun to run with mom.

Then to the 'bedience rings. Wait around for other class to finish, then we go in. Do good heeling. Mom praises me. Drop on recall? No problem. The mom throws out a dumbbell -- I go out but not sure what to do. Mom calls me back, throws dumbbell over high; I jump over, check it out and try to tell Mom --

finally she says to the judge, "It's not her dumbbell!" Well, duh! Of course I couldn't pick up another dog's dumbbell! The steward had given the wrong dumbbell to mom and it took two throws before it dawned on mom that I wasn't just shining her on!
Okay, so then we get to do the retrieve on the flat again with MY dumbbell this time. No problem, I pick it up and bring it back to mom.

Then mom tells me to sit and stay -- and throws the dumbbell out of the ring. Judge goes and gets it, brings it back, gives it to mom and tells her that at least she is getting practice throwing the dumbbell. Well by that time I am totally confused about what is going on. Mom throws the dumbbell again, and it goes way off to the side. She says "get it" and I'm wondering if she's talking to me or to the judge, since the judge has been doing more fetching than I have. So mom says Jazzy get it. Okay so she's talking to me. I go directly to it, then realize that I shoulda gone over the jump so I bring it back over the jump. We do the broad jump, and mom tells me that I am a good girl.

I go lay down in the RV for another half and hour or so and then mom brings me back for sits and downs. Okay, I'm not blowing this one. Mom tells me to sit, I sit. I sat for the entire 3 minutes. One of the dogs stands up but no, I'm not going to stand up. Mom comes back and tells me I am such a good dog. Then the down. Before they are even out of the ring, two dogs get up, including one next to me. I stay down like a good girl. then another dog gets up and starts moving around the ring, and another one sits. Mom comes back and tells me that I was perfect, that I am such a good girl.

We go get mcdonalds hamburgers and go home.

Paws tired now. Sleep again.
Kisses and hugs


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jazzy's UKC Obedience Report

Zippy has a brag and asked me to post it for her, since she is still little and hasn't learned to type yet (she's 19 months old). Anyway, we went to a UKC obedience trial this weekend. Except for Top Dog, which doesn't really count since it is a match, she had never been in a performance trial before. And she wants everyone to know that she isn't always a ditz!

Anyway, on Saturday morming, Zippy started by getting a 73 in rally 1(novice) for her first ever leg in anything (would have been higher, but she kept getting distracted when one big leaf and then another and then another would blow across the ring -- obviously those had to be guarded against!). Then, after waiting until the afternoon, when they finally got to the novice classes, she qualified in novice obedience - TWICE! (there were two parallel trials).

This morning it wasn't windy like it was yesterday so there were no real distractions in the rally ring, and she got a 94!!!!! Woo hoo! So now she is 2/3 of the way to her first rally title. By thetime she got into the obedience ring, however, there were tons of children in the park running around making noise, so the distraction level (if the other dogs were not enough) was pretty high. Zippy didn't
qualify in her first trial, but, by the grace of a nice judge who must have been looking the other way on part of her heeling off lead, did barely qualify FOR HER FIRST TITLE!!!! So she now has her UCD! Yes!!!!!

I (Jazzy) am sorry to report, however, that I would have had my UCDX if it weren't for those nasty out of sight sits. After about 2-1/2 minutes I got bored and laid down. Yeah, each time. I know I know -- but really, how much can a girl be asked to do? Mom said that she wan't upset, as I did everything else (except on the first trial on Saturday I did anticipate the broad jump) and that that is the BEST I have ever done in open, and the most consistent.

Mom is asking for suggestions for a solid out of sight sit, since she foolishly registered me for obedience next weekend as well!

Charlie has settled into his official position as couch potato; however, on Saturday he was a courtesy honor dog for one of the other open dogs,so he did get to do an out of sight down.

Hope all the other dogs out there had a nice weekend!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jazzy's Top Dog Report

Hi Guys!

Mom says that I am a bad influence on Zippy. She said that she will have to stop letting me play with her if I don't reform. Well, now it's not MY fault that she left an almost WHOLE chicken on the counter! And a WHOLE chicken on the counter HAS to be taken care of.

So we did. Well, we took care of most of it before mom came back into the house. Okay, okay, the kitchen floor was slippery from a chicken scooting around on the floor while we were playing with it. That was Thursday night.

Friday morning we drove to meet with a new client (we stayed in the RV while mom met with the clients) and then continued on to where the Top Dog match was going to be (for those who don't know, Top Dog is a competition between the Southern California Obedience Clubs). Mom didn't give us anything to eat before we got there. At that point neither Zippy nor I really felt much like eating. In fact, we both had diarrhea, and Zippy threw up a little. But after that we both ate our food.

Saturday morning there were lots and lots of people there with their dogs (Saturday evening we stayed there in the motor home, but didn't have much company except for the two poodle people who had dinner with us, and one of them stayed overnight with us in the RV). Zippy was excited to see all the dogs and the people, and wanted to play. Everyone loved her -- she had her hair in bands instead of wraps, so you could see how long it is. Well, after taking us all out, mom crated us, and then she took me out to warm me up. I had more diarrhea, but then I drank some water and felt a bit better.

Then I had to do sits and downs. Half way thru the sit I couldn't do it anymore so I laid down. Mom came back and made me sit up, but then I laid right down again. Mom said I had to sit up before I could do a down, and finally made me heel to get me up, but I wasn't going to sit again. She finally, with the judge's consent just put me in a down and I stayed there thru the 5 minute down. She was concerned about me and thought that maybe I was still just not feeling right.
We went back to the crates. Mom took Zippy out of her crate, and was going to put me into it. I took one whiff and said, NO WAY! While I was out, Zippy threw up in her crate. Mom wasn't happy. She cleaned it out, then she put Zippy in the other crate, and took both Charlie and me and put us back into the RV, so I didn't get to see how Zippy did, but she told me about it afterwards.

Mom then played a bit with Zip and she seemed to feel fine once she threw up (was happy to retrieve her toy and tug with mom), so she got to go into the ring for her sits and downs.

Well, the setup was really awful for the novice dogs. There were six rings set up -- 3 and 3, with an aisle between the two sets of 3, and the novice rings were in the middle. So that meant that they were doing utility on one side of the novice dogs, and open on the other side. Talk about distractions! And for some reason, you could hear all the commands that everyone was giving in each ring, so it was really loud.
Oh, and did I say that the rings were made up of posts, with a ribbon around the top? So there were no real ring dividers.

Anyway, Zippy and mom went in for the sits and downs. The dogs had to line up right next to the utility ring -- and just then the dog in the utility ring was doing the directed jumping exercise -- running out, then jumping over the jumps. Well, Zippy's most favorite thing is jumping! She wouldn't sit down -- she just twisted around, so that she could watch the dog. The judge kindly said that they would wait till that exercise was done, and mom thanked her.
So finally Zippy sat, and they did the sits and downs. During the whole time, Zippy's head was going back and forth as she tried to watch the other 5 rings! Amazingly enough, she made it through, and got all the 60 points for the sits and downs.

Well then she had to wait for about 10 dogs to go into the ring before she got her turn. Oh, my. Utility with jumping on one side of her, and the open dog getting to retrieve the dumbbell on the other side (and mind you, the ring was just posts with a ribbon!). She made it through the on-lead heeling with a barely passing score, although at one of the halts, which was right next to the utility ring, instead of sitting, she turned to face the utility ring and watched the dog until it was time to heel again. Figure 8 was interesting, since it gave her a chance to look at all the rings (and it was a pretty wide turn when you had to keep your eye on the utility dog while going around!). Stand for exam also got a passing grade. Well then there was the off-lead heeling. Too many double commands to bring her back in line to pass that exercise, but at least she pretty much stayed with mom.
Then came the really fun exercise -- the recall. Zippy waited till she was called, then blasted towards mom, then around her, then around the ring, as she tried to see what was happening in each of the other rings. The good part? Zippy did not go out of her ring, so she did not mess up any of the other dogs' performances. lol. The judge informed mom that Zippy had failed that exercise. Yeah? You sure? lol.

A lot of people told mom that they loved her dog. lol.
Okay, well, maybe we will do better next year. And mom promises that there will be no more chicken for us to get into!


P.S. We both feel fine today.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi folks! Jazzy here.

I got to do jility this weekend. I did a REALLY good job, but Mom messed up THREE of my four runs! Do you believe it??? I really need a new handler. 25% Q rate stinks! But mom said that I did a really good job and she is proud of how well I am doing, so maybe I will keep her for a little while longer and hope she improves.

On Saturday, Zippy went with Auntie Char cause she doesn't get to do jility yet. After we were done with jility, Charlie and me sat in the RV with mom, and mom told Charlie to tell Zippy to keep her head up and her tail up and make nice to the judge. It was sort of funny -- I mean, Zippy wasn't even around! Any way, it was really late on Saturday before Zippy got back, but she had 4 ribbons! She won her class, she went winners bitch, then best of winners, and because there were no specials, she went best of variety beating a lot of top handlers!!! She thought she was pretty hot stuff, so I had to put her in her place and make sure it didn't go to her head. So that's 2 more points -- 8 points now in total. Mom says that now we are looking for majors.

On Sunday, Zippy won her class, but Char said that someone else told her before she went in the ring that the judge was a friend of Leslie's and not to expect to win the points. Sure enough, Leslie's puppy won. Char said it was a nice looking puppy, so I guess it's okay to share the points, especially since it wasn't a major.

Anyway, no more jility for a couple of weeks or more; mom is now on an obedience kick. Sigh. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!!
P.S. Here is a picture of Zippy at her last show

Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday Agility

Hi guys!!!!

So mom FINALLY let me do agility last Friday. It seems like forever since we got to do jility. She said she had other things to do on the weekend, but at least I got to get out ONE day. Anyway, as you can see from the videos, I REALLY need a new handler. We Q'd in standard (no thanks to her), and would have Q'd in jumpers if she had bothered to let me know ahead of time not to take a particular jump. But it was fun in any event. I know that if a decent handler were to run me, I would be able to do it twice as fast!!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009


Well, progress has been slow in coming. It's been too hot to do much agility (Jazz did get a couple more legs which, if she can get me into gear, I will post).

Anyway, on Sunday August 9, Zippy got her 5th point towards her championship, and Jazz, who just turned 7 (happy birthday sweet Jazz) got her 6th RAE leg.

More later, but because neither Jazz nor I have posted anything recently, I thought I should at least let everyone see how pretty Zippy is and how much her hair has grown! Pretty good for 15 months!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interesting Memorial Day Weekend

Hi everyone!

So I had an interesting weekend. Mom and I drove our RV to Pomona on Thursday. I had Mom all to myself, but I missed Charlie and Zippy.

I got to do agility for four days in a row! We hardly ever get to do that. I am looking for a better handler, however, cause mom screwed up some of my runs. She liked the fact that I was running really fast tho! She said that someone must have told me that it was a race, cause I was running faster than ever! In fact I ran so fast I missed some of my contacts, which mom said was NOT a good thing. But she gave me lots of cookies and told me I was a good girl.

On Friday after my runs, Mom left me in my crate, and disappeared. She came back a couple of hours later, and she had Zippy with her!!!! YAY! And Zippy had ribbons with her. Mom said that Zippy went winners bitch and best of winners. Not sure what that means, but Mom and Zippy were happy. Zippy said that she got to trot around the ring and make nice to the judge, and that the judge liked her. But it was really good seeing her, and Zippy and I got to run around and play.

On Saturday, Zippy said that the judge thought another dog was prettier. Not sure how that could be cause Zippy is just about the prettiest dog I know, except for myself, of course.

But on both Sunday and Monday Zippy brought back MORE ribbons! I guess she went winners bitch and best of winners again on both days. Mom said that there weren't any majors, whatever that means, but that points are points. So out of Zippy's last 5 shows, she has gone winners bitch and best of winners in 4 of them.

Best of all, we got to go home. Charlie was waiting for us, so we all got to run and play.

Love, Jazzy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poodle Obedience Trial - May 9

Um, I WAS sitting! Really, I was! But then the dog next to me got up and moved, so it was facing me, and then the dog next to that one got up, so I figured it was fine for me to go down. At least I didn't MOVE like they did! But the judge was angry and excused all three of us from the ring for the downs, even though I hadn't moved from my place. Mom wasn't particularly pleased with either me or the judge.

But then Zippy got to do prenovice. She is just starting to train, and is doing conformation, so she sometimes gets confused about when she needs to sit, but she still got a 184, and first place! So mom was happy again.

Then Zippy and me got to do brace. Mom said that we were the comic relief for the day, but I tried hard to do everything right until about the middle of the heel free, when zippy decided she needed to visit the judge, so we trotted around, not exactly next to mom, but having a good time. Mom was surprised that we actually got a 168, considering that our heeling left something to be desired. We were the only brace (people keep telling mom that next year they are going to enter brace as well; we will see) so we got first place with that as well.

So in the afternoon we had rally. Charlie and I were the only 2 Excellent B dogs, so they had two volunteer dogs as well, so that Charlie and I didn't have to honor each other. I normally do the backup 3 steps pretty good, but I just couldn't get it together, so we got 10 points off on that; our final score was 189, so that was actually pretty good. Charlie was sorta a goofball, but he got a qualifying score and a new toy, but he decided he didn't want to do Advanced B (he was tired and hot and cranky), so it didn't count (we both already have our Excellent titles). By that time I was REALLY tired, so when I went in the ring for the FOURTH time for Advanced B, I anticipated the finish TWICE, once too soon, and once when it was a swing finish rather than a get around, so we had to redo both of those exercises for 6 points off. Sigh. So I only got a third place rather than what could have been a first. Mom said it didn't matter; the only thing that was important was that we got those green ribbons for my 6th RAE leg.

So today we are sleeping mostly.

Love, Jazz

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lure Coursing is FUN!

So two weekends ago we got to do jility, and afterwards (we waited and waited), Zippy and me got to do lure coursing! It was really really fun! I told mom that she needed to let me do it again. Here I am running after the lure:

This last Saturday I got to do jility -- we went to a CPE trial. I did five runs and ended up with five first place q's. It was pretty fun, and the courses were pretty easy. Long long long day, tho!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jazzy's Weekend Report - 3/14 & 15

Okay, I guess I have to admit that I miss the little twerp when she isn't with us.

On Thursday mom left really early in the morning - she said she had a meeting in Philadelphia and that we couldn't come. Then Friday Charlie and me got baths -- but then Zippy left to go play with her handler. Finally late Fri nite mom got home. Boy, by that time Charlie and me were REALLY glad to see her.

Saturday, still no Zippy. Mom loaded us in our RV and we drove and drove. We finally got to where we were going and set up the RV, and Charlie and I got to look around. Then Mom said she was going to watch Zippy and bring her back. YAY, finally she came, all smelling like hairspray, but it was really good to see her again.

Sunday we got up early, and I got to do rally. I finished my 5th RAE leg, with a 91 and a 95. Not the highest scores, but mom said that all we needed were those 2 green ribbons. Then she took Zippy out again. This is what Zippy looked like:

I guess she looks pretty, but I will be glad when she gets rid of the hair and we can wrestle without mom getting upset. Anyway, I guess Zippy was perfect -- she stood still when she was supposed to, she let her handler place her feet, she strutted nicely around the ring -- but the judges still didn't see that she was the best.

So then we packed everything up, but no Zippy! Zippy went with her handler to get a bath. When we got home we waited and waited till her handler called. Both Charlie and me were excited and couldn't wait to get her! So I guess she can stay.

Love, Jazz

Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Title!!!!

Hi folks! Jazzy reporting in. So mom finally has registered us for some agility trials! And the one this last weekend was especially fun, since my little sister didn't get to come along (she was at a conformation show). Anyway, it started out on Saturday with me getting my second MXF leg, with a 2nd place finish! And it ended on Sunday with me getting my 10th MXJ leg and a 3rd place finish, for my title! Woo Hoo! We won't talk about the other runs; I was seriously thinking I needed a new handler, but since she managed to pull it out at the end I may keep her for a bit longer.
Love, Jazz

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend in Del Mar

Zippy got to do conformation; Jazzy got to do jility, and Charlie got to be a couch potato in his new motor home.

On Saturday, I thought Zippy certainly should win; she looked great, she moved well, she wasn't jumping all over like the other puppies in her class -- but she only got 3rd place; didn't even win her class! So on to Sunday. Another chance for points. Zippy was gorgeous, the judge liked her, she moved beautifully, and then she managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory! lol. SHE WOULD NOT LET HER HANDLER PLACE HER FRONT FEET, and insisted on having one of them slightly turned out! Unfortunately, that particular judge wants to see correct fronts, and that probably did it. I watched her being an absolute brat. In spite of being drop dead gorgeous, and moving absolutely beautifully, because she was such a brat, she lost her class again. And the bitch that won the class took the 5 point major. Sigh.

So we have two weeks to get her to learn that when someone places her feet (especially the front feet) someplace, THAT'S WHERE THEY STAY! I figure a little bit of clicker training and she will remember what she needs to do.

Interestingly enough, everyone who sees her says how gorgeous she is (her handler was telling me that everyone was coming up to her and telling her that, as she walked around, and I know that they do with me too. And she is personality plus -- wants to say hi to everyone, jumps up about 3 feet in the air just for fun, and thinks that life is wonderful. I really don't think there will be any problem with her finishing; she just needs to settle down a bit. In fact, I was thinking that, as cute as she is in her puppy trim, I think she will really put the others to shame when she is cut in pattern. She is so nicely muscled with no extra flab, and it will be obvious once her butt and legs are shaved. There is a lot one can disguise with hair. :-)

BTW, we had to take a tram over from agility to conformation. The first ride over, Zippy was in my lap, not being too sure of herself. When we rode back, she hesitated to get on, then she said, I'm a big girl, mom, I don't need to sit in your lap. and she laid down at my feet. The second day, both over and back she did not hesitate to get on and off, and just laid down at my feet. What a brave little girl!

As to agility, Jazzy was absolutely gorgeous in all her runs. Unfortunately only one was a Q. In her first run on Saturday, she did exactly what I asked her to do; too bad it wasn't what she was supposed to do. lol. Yesterday she had two runs that were perfect except she missed the weave pole entries. Thought we had those under control, but I guess we need to work on them some more. They were not easy courses, we haven't done much practicing cause of all the rain, and so I was pleased at how well she did. One more leg and she will have her MXJ, finally.

Lisa on behalf of Charlie (couch potato), Jazz & Zippy

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I wasn't able to do jility this weekend, cause of the rain (they closed the park!). Can you imagine? So I stayed home and guarded the place. Good thing, too, cause there was an invader!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Charlie Is EIGHT!

My love puppy Charlie is 8 years old today! Happy Birthday Charlie! (and Delta Blue, and Tippy and Erte!) Although he is now pretty much retired, he has acquired 31 performance titles over the past 6 years. Pretty good, considering the handler he has been saddled with. Love you bunches, Charlie!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Zippy's First Conformation Show!

So Zippy finally got to go to her first conformation show in Ventura this weekend!

On Friday she got Reserve.
On Saturday she got Reserve.
On Sunday she got Reserve.

Woo Hoo!

For a puppy in the 6-9 month class, at her first show, that's not too shabby! In fact, I think that's pretty darn good. The bitch that beat her all 3 days was in full show coat, in the open class, and was nice (but not as nice as Zippy, in my humble opinion!!!!)

When the judge would come over to her, she would wag her tail. That's always a good sign! So I guess I will go ahead and enter her in some more trials.

Jazz got 3 additional RAE legs (she now has 4). Charlie has decided that if it isn't a game, he doesn't want to play. lol. So in our final class, I made a total fool of myself, and convinced him that it really was a game, and he finally had fun. I figure that if my dogs are having a good time, I don't care what anyone else thinks.


P.S. Jazzy is on strike on reporting until we do agility again. lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Run of 2009! It's a Q!!

Okay, so I still need a handler that is faster, and I didn't really stick my contacts very well (okay, I didn't stick them at all!), but I did Q, for 10 more mach points! I think that should be worth something!

Love, Jazzy