Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi folks! Jazzy here.

I got to do jility this weekend. I did a REALLY good job, but Mom messed up THREE of my four runs! Do you believe it??? I really need a new handler. 25% Q rate stinks! But mom said that I did a really good job and she is proud of how well I am doing, so maybe I will keep her for a little while longer and hope she improves.

On Saturday, Zippy went with Auntie Char cause she doesn't get to do jility yet. After we were done with jility, Charlie and me sat in the RV with mom, and mom told Charlie to tell Zippy to keep her head up and her tail up and make nice to the judge. It was sort of funny -- I mean, Zippy wasn't even around! Any way, it was really late on Saturday before Zippy got back, but she had 4 ribbons! She won her class, she went winners bitch, then best of winners, and because there were no specials, she went best of variety beating a lot of top handlers!!! She thought she was pretty hot stuff, so I had to put her in her place and make sure it didn't go to her head. So that's 2 more points -- 8 points now in total. Mom says that now we are looking for majors.

On Sunday, Zippy won her class, but Char said that someone else told her before she went in the ring that the judge was a friend of Leslie's and not to expect to win the points. Sure enough, Leslie's puppy won. Char said it was a nice looking puppy, so I guess it's okay to share the points, especially since it wasn't a major.

Anyway, no more jility for a couple of weeks or more; mom is now on an obedience kick. Sigh. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!!
P.S. Here is a picture of Zippy at her last show

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