Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jazzy's UKC Obedience Report

Zippy has a brag and asked me to post it for her, since she is still little and hasn't learned to type yet (she's 19 months old). Anyway, we went to a UKC obedience trial this weekend. Except for Top Dog, which doesn't really count since it is a match, she had never been in a performance trial before. And she wants everyone to know that she isn't always a ditz!

Anyway, on Saturday morming, Zippy started by getting a 73 in rally 1(novice) for her first ever leg in anything (would have been higher, but she kept getting distracted when one big leaf and then another and then another would blow across the ring -- obviously those had to be guarded against!). Then, after waiting until the afternoon, when they finally got to the novice classes, she qualified in novice obedience - TWICE! (there were two parallel trials).

This morning it wasn't windy like it was yesterday so there were no real distractions in the rally ring, and she got a 94!!!!! Woo hoo! So now she is 2/3 of the way to her first rally title. By thetime she got into the obedience ring, however, there were tons of children in the park running around making noise, so the distraction level (if the other dogs were not enough) was pretty high. Zippy didn't
qualify in her first trial, but, by the grace of a nice judge who must have been looking the other way on part of her heeling off lead, did barely qualify FOR HER FIRST TITLE!!!! So she now has her UCD! Yes!!!!!

I (Jazzy) am sorry to report, however, that I would have had my UCDX if it weren't for those nasty out of sight sits. After about 2-1/2 minutes I got bored and laid down. Yeah, each time. I know I know -- but really, how much can a girl be asked to do? Mom said that she wan't upset, as I did everything else (except on the first trial on Saturday I did anticipate the broad jump) and that that is the BEST I have ever done in open, and the most consistent.

Mom is asking for suggestions for a solid out of sight sit, since she foolishly registered me for obedience next weekend as well!

Charlie has settled into his official position as couch potato; however, on Saturday he was a courtesy honor dog for one of the other open dogs,so he did get to do an out of sight down.

Hope all the other dogs out there had a nice weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Jazzy,
we had a good weekend too.
I got my novice agility title in Nadac. Mom was so proud! It only took me 5 years! Mom then moved me up to open and then muffed our each and every run. I went shopping for a new handler but had no takers. The little cream brat did ok, too.

You know those out of sight's much more fun to lay down and then sit up when they come back so they don't think you moved. The expression on their faces when the judge tells them you didn't qualify is worth it! want to qualify? Hm...well. ok. um. I got nothing.

Well, maybe tell your mom to do stays of random lengths? So you'll never know when it's going to end....
Love, Cowboy