Monday, August 17, 2009


Well, progress has been slow in coming. It's been too hot to do much agility (Jazz did get a couple more legs which, if she can get me into gear, I will post).

Anyway, on Sunday August 9, Zippy got her 5th point towards her championship, and Jazz, who just turned 7 (happy birthday sweet Jazz) got her 6th RAE leg.

More later, but because neither Jazz nor I have posted anything recently, I thought I should at least let everyone see how pretty Zippy is and how much her hair has grown! Pretty good for 15 months!

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Lynne said...

Thats great to hear, we teeters missed you,I thought I'd pop in and see how Zippy and everyone else was doing. This is mcduff from teet,(teets kinda broken at the moment though)
I'm glad to see you and your Poddles are having a great summer, be sure to keep us updated on their progress.Bye for now.