Monday, November 29, 2010

I am SOOO Jealous!!!!

Okay, I admit it. I am jealous. I haven't been able to 'jility for MONTHS now -- and mom said that unless and until I stop limping after I've been working out, and until I can easily jump again, she won't enter me.

Well, this weekend, even though I can't compete, Zippy finally got to start doing 'jility. And Charlie and I sat around like bumps on a log. Well we did at least get to come along and hang out, but it was pretty cold and miserable, so I was not unhappy about getting back into the RV.

Anyway, this was Zippy's weekend, and for a beginner (her first AKC agility trial), she did okay. In jumpers on Saturday she took an extra jump, so was disqualified, but even with the extra jump, she was still the fastest 20" novice dog.

She and mom had a discussion about the need for her to get on the table in Standard; I think that they are going to be practicing that more.

But yesterday, Zippy was sailing. In jumpers, near the end of the course, mom said to turn right and Zippy got confused and turned left, which added 3 seconds or so to her time, so she was in second place by .13 of a second.

In standard, mom and Zippy discussed the table again, which added several seconds and earned Zippy a refusal, but in that course, even with the refusal, Zippy was the fastest of all dogs in novice, all jump heights! She was 5 seconds faster than the dog that won the 24" jump height, and more than 7 seconds faster than the dog that placed first in the 20" jump height.

So everyone was saying how awesome Zippy was. I had to make sure that she knew that she was still just the princess (me being the queen of course). And hopefully I will soon be able to run again as well!

All in all, not to bad a weekend.

Love, Jazzy


Unknown said...

Congratulations to Zippy. Don't worry, Jazzy; if you take care of yourself like Mom tells you, soon you'll be well and setting 'jility records.

Helen King said...

ZIPPY ROCKS!!!! WHat a good girl! She is very fast! She is ZIPPY!

Doggy Dish said...

Wow, she is so fast! I really enjoyed the video! I have seen many videos from passionate animal lovers, but this video about your POODLE is one of the best!

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