Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hi Everyone -

Jazzy said I needed to rite my own reports, cuz she was tired of riting for me. I'm still learning how to rite, so pleez excuse the mistakes.

On Wednesday Dec 29 I got to see Helen and Mel and watch meme run! She runs good. And Crushie runs FAST!!!! Wow!

Wen mom and me went into the jumpers ring, we wernt very connected and I tried to do a good job but mom pulled me off of some jumps. But in standard, except for one place that I thought I was supposed to go on the aframe I did it rite and got a Q and a fancy ribbon for finishing my novice title.

Then we waited and watched to go in for the fast run. I was so excited and I wanted to run so bad and it was cold, wich is grate for running -- when we went into the ring and mom took off my leash, I ran across the ring, checked out the next ring, then ran back to mom. I did the teeter, the weaves, the send, some other stuff, but we ran out of time and were 4 seconds over, which meant I lost 8 points. Mom was surprised that I still Q'd with a point to spare!!!!

On Thursday mom worked so we hung out.

On Friday, the last day of the year. we got to go tracking!!!!! Jazzy and me did some long straight tracks, then I got to do a TD track that had been laid for a
dog that got lost getting there (a lot of roads were closed cuz of the rain). It had been laid 3 hours before, so mom wasn't sure how I would do. Well I did the first leg fine, but then a model airplane was buzzing us, and I lifted my head to watch it. Wow. what is it? Anyway, I had to wait for it to move away to get started again (I didn't have a problem with any of the legs, but it was hard to concentrate on the corners with the plane buzzing over us). It finally went away and I did my 4th corner fine, and when I paused, mom said I was doing good, so I went up a hill and across a road, and THERE WAS THE GLOVE!!!!!!! Mom was very pleased and I got lots of treats. She said that with some work on my corners I shud be able to get certified pretty easily.

So on Saturday wich mom said was new years, we did FAST first, and I really tried to listen better to mom this time. I thought about running around, but mom told me to sit and stay so I did. We Q'd for my second novice fast leg, then I Q'd in open jumpers for my first open leg. Mom couldn't move me up to open standard cuz it was a different trial, so we had a novice run to do, and parts of it were beautiful. I guess other parts weren't so good, but mom didn't care cuz it didn't count anyway.

The next day it was cold again. We got to do FAST again, and until the very end I understood what mom wanted and we did really good except I lost some points at the end, cause I turned the wrong way. Mom said she needs to watch the video and figure out why -- but she said the beginning was gorgeous. Anyway, I got my 3rd novice fast leg so I am don with novice and I got another pretty ribbon.

By the time we got to do open standard and jumpers it was raining. I slipped a little and knocked the first bar, and didn't hold my aframe contact, and then mom didn't tell me to go over the teeter, and then I almost slipped off of the dog walk but I hung on and didn't fall, and mom told me I did really well and she was proud of me, so I felt good even tho we didn't get a ribbon. Jumpers was pretty good cept I guess I missed a couple of jumps, but by that time it was really raining, so we just finished up and came home.

When we got home, Jazzy and me we went running around the yard and when I came in to the house, I had Jazzy's muddy pawprints on me. Then we ate mcdonalds mcdoubles and went to sleep.

So the next Saturday on Jan 8, I got to do jility once more, and was in open in all the classes. I did pretty good in fast, cept I missed a jump in the send, so no ribbon. Mom said my standard run was beautiful, cept that she kept turning and pulling me out of the weaves (she did it TWICE), so no Q there either. And with jumpers, mom was just really really late in letting me know what I was supposed to do, so I was sort of all over the place, since she just didn't let me know in time what to do, and I had to keep stopping and changing directions. Mom didn't think I had Q'd on that run either, so we packed up and went home. But she was looking at the AKC website yesterday and it said I had TWO Open jumpers legs. She went back and looked at the video and realized that I really only had one refusal, and ended up with 3rd place! (which, of course, I don't have the ribbon cause mom didn't bother to pick it up!!!!!)

No more jility trials for me since then cause mom was waiting for me to come into season, wich I did three weeks ago, so mom promises me we will be able to compete again soon - probly in March.

Love, Zippy


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