Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting Back In the Groove

Hi everyone!

Charlie and I got to do jility both yesterday AND today too! It was awfully hot -- over 90 degrees, which Charlie said was just too hot! But how much fun to finally be able to run!!!! I was excited, even though Zippy got a lot of the attention. So what if she's the baby? Anything she can do, I can do better!

So yesterday Charlie was clean in both of his runs, but was over time. But mom was glad that he felt like running even though it was hot, and they partied. I had a GREAT standard run going until Mom did not tell me to turn until I was committed to a jump, and I so took an extra jump. I was still 9 seconds under SCT. Mom wasn't willing to post that run, cause she said that it would make her look stupid. Well, duh! Okay, so then I did the jumpers run, and qualified (in 5th place). Anyway, I thought I did pretty well, considering our long layoff.

Today, Charlie was clean in standard, but was again over time. In jumpers, he took a couple of jumps then told mom he was done, so she sent him through the tunnel and finished up with a couple of jumps. Mom said it is more important that Charlie have fun, than that they q, so she didn't care.

My standard run today was again really good -- um -- except for the weaves. I made the entry, but then kept running straight. Mom of course posted the run with MY error in it, cause she said I looked so good the rest of the time (I overheard her admit to someone else that maybe if she had let me find the weaves by myself, that I probably would have been fine, so it really wasn't my fault). Anyway, after waiting for ever, I finally got to do jumpers. I ran clean and got 3rd place!!!! Woo hoo!!!! I told mom I was going on strike if she didn't post that one as well!

So that's all. Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

Love, Jazzy

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