Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jazzy's Weekend Report - FINALLY WE DO AGILITY AGAIN

Hi guys! It has been like FOREVER since we got to do jility! First of all, Zippy came to live with us, and cause she was little, we couldn't go out and bring anything back that would make her sick. And then I had an operation so that I can't have puppies anymore. We haven't even really played very much since then (except running around with Zippy). Mom says she has to go out of town tomorrow, but she let us do jility today!!!!! YAY!!!!!

In my first run, Mom said I did really good, but I guess I knocked two bars, so no ribbons. My second run, I was determined to do better, and did really well -- well at least I did really well until Mom pulled me off course -- and then FORGOT where she was going. So I took a couple of jumps to entertain myself while she tried to figure out what we were supposed to do, and then we finished in fine style.

Charlie decided in the middle of his first run that he didn't want to keep going. I guess Mom didn't warm him up enough (he was almost right after me), and he just wasn't into it. So mom just had him take a row of jumps out of the ring and then partied. For the second run, she made the gate steward move Charlie down further on the page, and massaged his back and hips and legs -- and wouldn't you know it? He qualified! With a first place finish!

Zippy finished up her shots last Tuesday, so she got to come with us. It was her first trial, and she thought it was GREAT. She got to meet people and other dogs, and watch the dogs run (she wanted to go run with them), and she even got to meet two horses that were watching the competition (well I guess their riders were actually watching).

And I want to personally thank Victoria [from the agility poodle list] for telling Mom to put an xpen in front of our space so that we didn't have to defend it from other dogs and people. It was much more relaxing not having to be on guard that someone might come too close!

Mom said that she signed us up for next weekend too! I am excited!

Hope everyone else has a good weekend.



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